Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Rise Of Nations

Hi, sorry that I haven't been blogging recently Ive been busy with my SATS and a new game I got called Rise of Nations. Its a game were you choose a nation and you have to take over the world with it, not only in this age but in all the others! I bought it in Bedford on the roots weekend, It was made in 2003 so it was really cheap! I think it is the best game in the world except Wow(world of war craft).


Ann said...

Glad you like the game Ed. Reminds me though that choosing God's nation is a bit like the game coz we want God's nation to take over the world don't we ! Your a great boy - Have I told you that today ? ;-) Mum

Ed said...

yes u have mum!!!

Kirst said...

Aahh! Ed, do you have to kill people to take over the world? Ann, I can't believe you managed to spiritualise something like that!