Sunday, 29 April 2007

Cricket with Havering success

Yesterday I went to play Cricket with Havering and I loved it! I was put in the under 11's with a bunch of 6 yr olds! I felt really bad bowling a cricket ball at them, fortunately I only injured 2 people(and thats a record!) I have improved my fielding,bowling and wicket keeping, unfortunately I didn't improve my batting because I was bowled at by there fastest bowler!
It was a great day and now I'm part of Havering Cricket !

While I'm here I'd like to say Hi to Hannah(my sister) because she has recently started blogging as well(Which is not such a great thing because I cant talk about her anymore)(not that I was going to or anything)


Jenny said...

Well Ed you and I both new at this game of blogs! As to cricket I think the long 3 day stuff is VERY boring but the highlights of the World Cup have been good..even exciting at one stage for England!

Ed said...

How can you say that cricket is boring! Its great! Im Shocked! But watching england at the moment isnt vry exciting.

Ed said...

Hey how can you call cricket boring even the 3 day ones! Its a shame that Australia won, I wanted sri-lanka to win when england lost!

Liz said...